Last Minute Valentine’s Day Options

With Valentine’s Day approaching, are you in need of an outfit? I paired three outfits with just one skirt! I hope this gives you some ideas for that special night with your significant other. What I love about this skirt, is even if your crop top is a tad short, you can pull the skirt up so your belly won’t be exposed.


This first outfit is a pink polka-dotted crop top from H&M, paired it with a white skirt from, and black tights. Simple yes?

This second outfit option is the same white skirt, with a Forever 21 crop top, and black tights. In case if that special night is chilly, I paired it with a black blazer from Express.


This last option, if you don’t have any crop tops, a simple v-neck paired with the white skirt, and black tights. I chose a reddish maroon colored v-neck to fit the occasion, and added a white beaded necklace just to spruce up the outfit. 


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