I love braids, and it helps to keep my hair out of my face, especially if you are growing out your bangs (Braids become your best friend!). The three braided hairstyles I will show you, can go from a day to night look, easily, and without using heat. I try to avoid using heated tools on my hair, because it can be very damaging. I’ve provided Youtube links to each hairstyle, that I found was the best tutorial in case you don’t know how to recreate these looks. Braids are simple, yet fashionable and can go with any outfit. Have fun and good luck! (^.^)V [That’s a face giving a peace sign haha]

DSC_0222    This is the three stranded braided, the most common and basic form of a braid.

DSC_0220This next braid also called the fishtail braid, looks difficult, but I promise you, it is quite simple. The video tutorial provided was the best one in my opinion. I learned how to recreate the fishtail braid through this video. 🙂 

Lastly, this is a bit more intricate. I don’t really know the name for this braid, but it looks awesome. All I can say is practice makes perfect! I happened to find this hairstyle through one of my favorite Youtube beauty gurus Bubzbeauty.


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