1 midi skirt, 4 ways

Hello, again! I know it’s been a while, but blogging is hard, I don’t see how people find the time. Props to you all! I just got this cute skirt from TJMAXX, and I just had to style it as soon as possible. I love this skirt style, it’s classy and chic! I love how it has the 1950s fashion feel, and also, super cute! I believe that you can still look cute, sexy, feeling good, confident- whatever you’d like to call it, without having to show too much skin. I believe in dressing modestly, maybe I am just an old soul, but that is my motto from now to forever.  You never know what’s hidden in your closet/drawers until you dig through it! Your next stylish outfit is in your closet, go have fun! Here’s four outfits to go with the skirt, hopefully this helps, until next time.

photo 1This look consists of a light blue long sleeve button up shirt, and a bow sweater to go over it.

LS blue button upTJMAXX
Bow sweater – Francescas.com

photo 2 This second look a polka-dotted dress tucked underneath the skirt. Simple, and stylish.

Polka-dot dress – Forever21

photo 3 The third look is a casual white laced top with a peter pan collar. The peter pan collar is another one of my favorite styles to look for in clothing.  Anything with a peter pan collar, just take my money!

White lace top – TJMAXX

photo 4Last outfit is a crop top. As I have mentioned in my other post for Valentine’s Day, a crop top is always cute when it is paired with a high waisted skirt or pants. I don’t like my mid-section showing, even though I adore crop tops, the high-waisted skirt or pants is my solution. If you have any accessories to go with the outfits, feel free to dress it up!

Crop top – TJMAXX


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