1 shirt, 4 ways

I’ve said it before, blogging is quite difficult, especially when you don’t have someone to take the pictures for you. Now instead of waiting, I have resorted to laying out the clothes on my bed. I apologize before hand that you won’t be able to see what the outfits look like in person – you’ll just have to imagine it, I mean what are our brains for, right? Fall weather is approaching, my favorite time of year and winter as well. Not only the cool weather, the pumpkin spice lattes/coffees, but being able to layer up the clothing. Not only layering up but also bringing out the military/combat boots, and ankle boots to match your outfits. I love this shirt, I practically wear it all the time, and until the day it rips on me or withers away from wearing it so much, I plan on making good use out of it. A simple striped shirt that can be worn in different ways.  Excuse the wrinkles, the clothes are straight from the closet/bureau/drawer, what ever you want to call it. I hope you’ll enjoy this post, until next time!

The shirt is from Forever21.

DSC_0449The first outfit is paired with black high-waisted jeans. I prefer to tuck in the shirt because it looks classier, and if needed, wear a brown belt with it, and some booties/ankle boots.

DSC_0450This next outfit, is paired with a gray pencil skirt. Once again, tucked in for the business casual look, or maybe I just prefer my shirt tucked in. Pair that with some black stockings/tights. If you like to wear heels, that would look great, but I prefer flats because my feet just can’t handle it. Colored shoe, you ask? I stick with neutral colors: black, gray, even white. But if you want a pop of color, wear red shoes. Optional: add a statement necklace to spruce up the look.

Pencil skirt – TJMAXX

DSC_0457 Collared shirts are one of my favorites, because you can wear it under an over-sized sweater such as this gray one. Pair this with black leggings.

Over-sized gray sweater – TJMAXX

DSC_0459Pintrest inspired! Sometimes if you want to stand out, mix two patterns together. I was hesitant at first, but it actually looks nice once you put it together. I’d also pair this with black leggings.

Polka-dotted sweater – Francescas.com


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