Simple Layering

Happy new year to you all, I know I am a tad late. To all of my friends and family, and everyone else who was in this, you’ve survived the first (and hopefully last) blizzard of 2016!

The weather has been bonkers, going from 60 degrees all the way down to 30! You just never know what to expect anymore. Darn you global warming!! Lately, the weather here has been consistent and “chilly.” My definition of chilly is frigid, which I like and I know my family and friends back in the east coast have been experiencing cold temperatures. Jealous! I miss seeing snow and the cold where I get to bundle up in layers. With that being said, it inspired a couple of simple outfit ideas for basic layering.

Checkered shirt: Forever21

What I like to start off with when I want to layer my clothes, is a large/over-sized shirt. After I’ve picked the initial shirt, I’ll pick one or two more shirts to go underneath it. Simple, yes?


From L to R: I used a long sleeve button up (used in a previous post), and a white crew neck t-shirt. Need more? I added a gray infinity scarf, and a black belt, to make it look a bit more casual. For bottoms, I like to keep it simple: use black jeans/pants, black leggings/tights. If you have knee high boots, it would look great with this outfit! If you don’t have any knee high boots, a pair of high tops would be just as awesome.




Yellow cardigan: Forever21

THIS item right here…I have been searching for quite some time, especially a yellow cardigan. I’ve wanted one in yellow and it happens to be my favorite color. It was sold out online for a long time, and when I got onto the wait-list for when it was stocked again- it sold out. I know cardigans are popular, but I didn’t think the color yellow was as well. Thankfully, I just happened to walk into a F21 store to browse, and it appeared right in front of me. It’s funny, when you aren’t going crazy looking for that specific item, it happens to make an appearance.



I reused the same long sleeve button up to go with the cardigan and added a floral infinity scarf to add some more color.



Basic layering is not hard, don’t let it become complicated. Have fun with it. I have also used this gray sweater in a previous post, and it has become a favorite piece of clothing, along with the blue button up. This last outfit is to show just how much a collared shirt goes a long way. Add to that, an accessory, such as this scarf. Have fun the next time you need to bundle up.

Remember, it doesn’t seem as though it is a lot of layers, you will be wearing a jacket as well- at least I hope you will be wearing a jacket. Stay warm! I hope you’ve enjoyed this, until next time!




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