1 dress, 4 ways

Trying to be consistent with updating the blog more. I hope you will enjoy this post, it is back to basics, starting off with one piece of clothing, and turning it into four fashionable outfits. The title is a giveaway, so let us get started!



Gray dress: H&M

Starting the outfit off with a basic gray dress. Easy to wear on a spring day with a pair of flats. If you’d like, you could wear some tights to go with it. I prefer black, mainly because black pairs with anything and everything. Want to spruce it up a bit? Moving onto outfit number two shall we?


Striped collared shirt: Forever21
White cardigan: American Eagle

The second outfit is casual and work appropriate, and overall cute. Once again I’d pair this piece with black tights and flats. I don’t tend to go crazy with my outfits, and all of my outfits are simple colors. This reminds me of Zooey Deschanel, and a lot of my outfit inspirations are influenced by her. Zooey’s style is simplistic, classy, and cute. My close friends and family say that my style looks teacher-ish/librarian. I don’t mind, because that’s what I strive to become, a teacher. Overall, it doesn’t matter if people say I look like an old lady or a librarian, I still think the outfits are cute. Take that! Haha.



LS tan sweater: Joie [purchased at Tjmaxx 😉 ]

If you are like myself, even during cold weather, I still enjoy wearing dresses, just need to layer it up and switch out black tights for some fleece leggings (still sticking to the color black). This sweater changes up the outfit completely just by going over the dress. So simple, yes?


Green jacket: Love Tree [purchased at Tjmaxx]

If the sweater didn’t keep you warm enough, add a green military styled jacket, and a scarf. For those that do not like to wear puffy jackets, this could be an alternative when you go out, and don’t want to lug around a heavy piece of clothing.

Well this completes the outfits for this post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, until next post!


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