My favorite shirt, 3 outfits

I do appreciate warm weather vastly approaching, but with that, comes mosquitoes! It may seem too early, but they’ve already arrived here. I am a mosquito magnet when ever I set foot outside. I dread it every day, because I am afraid I’ll get bitten by those pesky bugs (bug repellent does not work for me). Not only do I attract their attention, but when I do get bit, those bites swell up to the point where it looks like I have an extra joint on my body. I won’t let that stop me from putting on my spring outfits. Mini rant aside, let’s continue, shall we?

I have assembled three outfits with my favorite shirt. I have been using it quite a lot in my previous blog posts. I can’t help it, it’s just one of those clothing items that can be paired with just about everything.


Blazer: Outfit [purchased at Tjmaxx]
White jeans: Bullhead Denim Co.
Cross-body: Ted Baker [purchased at]
Necklace: Forever21

A casual outfit, perfect for spring, when you don’t feel like carrying around a light jacket, the blazer will help if you get cold. The blazer also just makes the outfit a bit more chic in my opinion. The picture to the right, I just added a couple of accessories, nothing major. To add a pop of color, I incorporated a red cross body. If you are feeling extra fancy, add a statement necklace.  Shoes that I’d pick to complete the outfit, would be ankle booties or flats, heck maybe even wedges (that I can handle).



Nothing too complicated with this next outfit. Switch out the pants with some shorts. If it’s not completely bare legged weather, wear black tights/pantyhose to give your legs some warmth, not sure if that will make a difference, but it will look cute. You could incorporate the same accessories from the first outfit, and you’re good to go! If you were to just wear just the cross body, and nothing else, I’d complete the outfit with a stylish belt. Simple at its best. 🙂


Cardigan: J. Jill
Skirt: Trendyland [purchased at Tjmaxx]
Scarf: H&M

You may have noticed, I purchase a lot of my clothes from Tjmaxx. It’s so affordable, and you can find cute clothes within your budget. Also there’s a layaway option if you need it! Best thing ever 🙂 !

Not feeling pants or shorts? Trade it out for a skirt. I switched out the blazer for a long cardigan, because I think it looks better. Wear this outfit with some black tights/pantyhose, and some cute shoes. Feeling like a fashionista yet? I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, until next time!


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