1 pencil skirt, 3 ways

Back at it again! It’s been a while. How’s the weather for everyone? It’s been 100+ here, and all I want to do is just stay inside with the air-condition on full blast. I can’t wait for winter! To be honest, in this kind of weather, I have been bumming with V-necks and jeans. It’s too hot/humid to look pretty, just to be drenched in sweat by the time I get to my destination. Has anyone ever felt that way? I put something together that is simple, and if needed in a rush, it could go well, day or night. It also depends on how you want to dress it up.

Pencil skirts…in my opinion it’s hard to find the right one! A lot of pencil skirts that I’ve tried on, either doesn’t fit at my waist properly, and 99% of the time, it shows my underwear lining. As much as I would love to buy it and just wear a thong (g-string, as some might call it), it’s too uncomfortable. Some may even wear nothing with their pencil skirts if they like the skirt that much, and that is not an option for me. In short, if you are able to find a cute and awesome pencil skirt, wear it however you like, more power to ya!  Let’s get into these outfits shall we?

Outfit #1


Here I’m using solid colored v-necks, and having it tucked into the pencil skirt. My way of being lazy and adding some accessories to spruce up the outfit. You may wear tights if you’d like and flats during the day, and change up to heals during the night, and add some dramatic make up.

Outfit #2


Just like v-necks, tank tops are a good match with pencil skirts. Like the v-necks, have them tucked in as well. It’s classy and simple. I’ve included some necklaces that I thought would go well with each tank top. Depending on where you are, you can add a blazer to it, and it would magnify the outfit.

Outfit #3


Lastly, crop tops!! Crop tops are cute with high-waist anything (jeans, skirts, shorts) and a pencil skirt as well. Do I need to explain any further? If so, let me know. Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time.


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