Blue on Blue

We all go crazy at times, trying to find the right colors to match an outfit. We often question ourselves, “Does this match with this?,” or “Not sure if that goes well together.” It’s frustrating, and I know that I’ve struggled with that as well. Sometimes we play it safe, and just go with the neutral colors (black, gray, white). That’s honestly been my wardrobe  for a majority of my life. I am slowly bringing in vibrant colors. Seeing those bright colors on myself, it looks awesome. They say colors have an affect on your mood, and I will attest to that. Chuck the neutral out the window, and start exploring different options with your clothes. Fashion is meant to be creative, and I want everyone to be able to rock that creativity.

You’re probably wondering why the title of this post is called, “Blue on Blue.” Well if it wasn’t a hint already, I am pairing outfits that are mainly blue. Some might say, that it’s too much to wear one color altogether, but it didn’t turn out too bad. When you add accessories, and some cute shoes (not in the color blue), the outfits look amazing with different shades of blue. I will be using the same bottoms for each outfit, but with different tops. I could call this post, “1 high-waisted short, 5 ways,” but I wanted it to be something different. Chucks or Converse shoes go well with each outfit, preferably a black, gray, or white 😉 . I’d also wear black tights, simply because I just don’t do well with having a tan, I am secretly a vampire. *Fangs out, hiss, kind of noise*

Outfit #1


This first outfit, is for those hot days that everyone is experiencing. Just a simple dark blue, high-waisted denim shorts, with a crop top. Simple, yes? The blue tones don’t clash with one another, making the dark bottom, with a light top, workable.

Outfit #2


I swear the top is not white. It’s a light, quite light, blue, top. Added an accessory, you wanted it spruce up the look a bit more. How about adding more accessories?


This is what I meant by, adding accessories. Something as simple as a necklace, and topping it off with a purse, makes a difference. The blues don’t look bad, right? Moving on.

Outfit #3

A different shade of blue, a halter top, styled with a silver layered necklace. You can wear more, if you love accessories, and love the layering look.



That’s not all blue!! Haha. For anyone that still loves vests, as much as I do, here you go. As mentioned in my previous post, tank tops always come in handy.

Outfit # 5


You’re probably wondering, a long sleeve in this kind of weather? Yes, a long sleeve. Have you ever experienced the outside being so hot, but the destination you are headed to; grocery store, movies, the mall, it can get cold! I’ve learned from experience, endure the hot for a little bit, until you get indoors. A long sleeve does come in handy, even in the hot weather. This is only if you won’t be outside for too long. I wouldn’t consider a long sleeved shirt, if you were to go to an amusement park, or the zoo; any place you’d be outside for a long period of time.


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