Wedding Edition: Alternative Outfits

Wedding season is in full bloom, a lot of friends and family members are engaged to be married or are getting married. Quite exciting, yes? Weddings, are a great time to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while, or an excuse to dress up. I choose the second option. Everyone has a chaotic life, whether you are balancing a job, school, and a family, maybe even all three. Life can be hectic, and time stops for no one, we all have lives to live and bills to pay. This one night, is a chance for us to dress up, feel good, and have fun, and then back to reality.

On another note, weddings can be expensive, even as a guest. Things to consider, a new outfit, shoes, matching clutch and other accessories, etc. But on top of that, a wedding gift for the couple as well. When I get invited to weddings I’d like to wear a new dress, something fresh, so no one sees me in the same outfit from the previous wedding I was invited to. Dresses can be expensive, and I don’t need to break my wallet. Eeek! Now what,  you ask? For me, I’d like to give a tip to my budget friendly people, you don’t need to get a new outfit for every event you are invited to. Heck, you could possibly only wear that dress one time, and never think about it again. I’m guilty of that, but I am changing that around and combining those forgotten outfits with my current outfits. Sometimes, it’s best to see what options you have, and go with the flow, but please have fun at the same time. Let’s begin!

These are thee ordinary midi skirts. But, once styled with some other items, it’ll be wedding ready. *Thumbs up*


These are some dresses that I believe, could dress up quite well with the either of the three midi skirts. I also, threw in an extra item to go with one of these skirts, continue reading to find out. 🙂

Outfit #1

Which do you prefer, the gray or black? No one would even know you are wearing a dress with the floral midi skirt on. Black tights are optional, and I’d complete the outfit with a pair of nude shoes, mainly because the floral skirt adds the pop of color needed. Don’t need to have too much going on, the skirt itself makes a statement.

Outfit #2

A floral dress, that I bought from Forever21. Cute by itself, yes, but if you needed another outfit option, pair it with a black midi skirt. Once again black tights are optional, and I’d complete this look with a pair of nude (to be safe, if you don’t know what other colors would match), or even black heels or wedges, knowing me I’d go with flats.

Outfit #3 [extra 😉 ]


I have used this top before back in my Valentine’s Day post, back in Feb 2014. Cute crop top that would go well with black. Some people tell me that you don’t wear black to a wedding, but it’s not like I am going all black, as if I were attending a funeral. The color itself, is classy and elegant. I chose to add a red clutch for a pop of color.

Outfit #4

This last outfit option, is a simple light purple, high low skirt. With the outfit to the left, I’d match it with a chunky gold necklace (which I’ve misplaced ;[ ) , and nude flats, in my opinion. and if it were a wedding during the cold weather, bring a solid, light weight cardigan. This completes this blog post, I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and that it has given you some ideas for your next special event/occasion.


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