“I have nothing to wear.” Part 1.

Decided to try something new, again. I find myself saying,


a lot. I’m sure I’m not alone in this dilemma. Everyday, when I need an outfit, I seem to come to the same conclusion, “I have nothing to wear.” If anyone else is on a budget such as myself, buying clothes, as therapeutic as it is, it’s a want, not a need. It’s quite tempting, especially when you see an “OMG” piece of clothing, and you tell yourself,

Conscience: “No, you don’t.”

But, there’s always a solution to a problem. My solution to this particular situation, is…what this entire blog is about, is finding new ways to wear your clothing, without having to go out and buy new clothes. I’m not saying you can’t go shopping, but if you really don’t need to, don’t. Save your money. You probably have pieces of clothing, you love to wear when you go out, (I know I do) and you think to yourself,

“I’ve worn this before.”

This series, is to help with those favorite pieces you’ve worn a lot, and turning it into chic new outfits. With that being said, the first of the series is with a buttoned up skirt. It’s just a fashionable and versatile piece.  I don’t know where every one lives, but it has been quite a warm November, for me at least. I know my friends and family back home are freezing. The outfits are adjustable to which ever climate you are in.

Outfit #1

Although, I’d have to say that this outfit is quite cute on its own. But if you really liked this outfit and wanted to wear this all the time, making a few adjustments will make a difference. With this outfit, I am just obsessed with black tights/pantyhose to match any outfit, and if you have knee high boots, this would be super cute. If you don’t have knee high boots, ankle boots or even military style boots would go well with this outfit.

Outfit #2


This second outfit, I just paired it with a black jacket. I could add so many things to each outfit, but I want you to be able to picture the outfit as it transforms from the previous outfit. If you still have that idea of knee high boots, and black tights in your mind, keep it there. A cute cross body to go over it, and you are almost complete.

Outfit #3

What seems to be just two white cardigans, the style of these two cardigans are completely different. In my opinion, even though they are the same color, styles of pieces of clothing, make a difference when putting together an outfit. Simply adding another piece of clothing, and an accessory has already changed the outfit.



In case you get a freezing day, add a scarf and a sweater cardigan.

Outfit #5 (bonus)


Hopefully, you have enjoyed this, until my next post, or series. Thanks for stopping by!


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