1 gray v-neck, 3 ways

My first post of 2017! A simple v-neck, gray sweater, converted in three ways, which I will show you in a bit. One of the reasons I like having long sweaters, whether it’s in a v-neck or crew neck shape is because, it pairs well with collared shirts/dresses. Also, another plus, is that I simply don’t like wearing jeans too much, and I tend to eat a lot, so leggings are a good combination with these long sweaters. Definitely need the breathing room on a full stomach. ^_^<b>  <— That’s me, giving you all, a thumbs up.

Some people call my particular style, grandma, librarian, and teacher, and I’m totally fine with it. It is my style, and that’s what makes me unique, and I LIKE IT! I’ve gotten comments from a co-worker, where he’d say, “You dress weird, but I like it.” Oh, the glimmer of hope, I’m inspiring at least one person, and that’s a win for me.

The weather has still been up and down, more so on the colder side, and if any of you like to wear dresses all year round, as much as I do, this would be perfect. Let’s get started.

Outfit #1 


Looks simple enough, yes? Just a black collared dress, with some lace, and my gray v-neck sweater.

Under the sweater, and paired with a necklace of your choice and a cross body. Nothing crazy, but it looks stylish to me, and casual. I’d pair this with either some black tights or you can wear colored tights, if you want a pop of color. If I had any, I’d wear this with maroon colored tights, and to finish the outfit off with some flats or even high top sneakers.

Outfit #2

For those of you that like to layer your clothes, and bundle up, this outfit would be a perfect choice, for the freezing temperatures, depending on where you live. Also, for those who don’t like to wear a winter jacket, or any jacket for that matter. I know when I go shopping in the winter time, I dislike lugging around a heavy jacket.

Outfit #3


This last outfit is paired with a floral skirt. I would tuck only the front part in, and leave the back of the sweater to dangle in the back. Also, because it is still cold out, I’d wear this with some black sweat leggings and some booties.

I hope you enjoyed this post, until next time. 🙂


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