3 Alternate V-day Outfits

Whether you have already celebrated this weekend or you’re waiting until Tuesday; or maybe even the following weekend, since it’s during the week, and we all have to work, go to school, etc. Time is precious, and I hope some of these outfits that I am about to show you, will spark some ideas from within your own closet. I know you will look gorgeous, no matter what you wear! ^_~(V)

Outfit #1


A black and nude lace peplum top, with some reddish skinny jeans. It looks red, but it’s more of a maroon color. I wouldn’t wear a necklace with this top, because the top already has a lot going on, but that’s just me.

Outfit #2


A simple maroon colored v-neck, I have used it in my previous V-day post. It’s just so handy, and a perfect color for this occasion. I paired it with a black and white floral skirt, and dressing it up with a necklace.

Outfit #3


Last outfit, is a maroon color pencil skirt. There seems to be a pattern of keeping some color of maroon in each of these outfits. Funny, I guess I don’t really wear red, now that I think about it. I paired it with a gray tank, and finished it with a statement necklace. If you haven’t already, go check out my previous post “1 pencil skirt, 3 ways.” Until my next post, have a great day.


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