!Emergency Packing!

Couldn’t think of a more appropriate title than this, but at the time it was happening, it was an emergency. Here’s some background info. Imagine getting a call at 10pm, and you’re told that you’re grandmother isn’t going to make it. Mind you, I live in Texas, and she is in Massachusetts, and you’re told she might not even make it to the next day.  I prayed and took my chances, in hopes that she could hang on to life, long enough for me to say goodbye. I booked the next flight that was available, and this happened around Thanksgiving; thankfully there were still some spots left. Dozens of scenarios were running through my mind, and I couldn’t focus while I was packing. I just knew that I needed to layer up, because it was still quite cold on the east coast.

I couldn’t sleep, and all I wanted to do, was get on that plane as soon as possible, and see my grandmother. I’ve never experienced a death in the family, and when it did happen, I was too young to remember. Death is a part of life, and we can’t stop that, but it still stinks when someone you love and admire, is nearing that stage in life. I brought seven pieces of clothing only, and I told myself, “You’ll just have to make it work.”

*Update: My grandmother is doing well.*

Outfit #1/#2

Outfit that I wore onto the plane. Comfy and was easy to slip into when you’re in a rush. A simple, solid green shirt dress; paired with my favorite yellow cardigan, a floral infinity scarf, an black leggings.

Outfit #3


This sweater was the most neutral color of all that I packed, and figured it’d match anything. It kept me warm, most of the time, when I didn’t wear a jacket.

Outfit #4/#5

I wore this sweater again, but I made it look slightly different with my floral shirt underneath. The color from the floral shirt, and my white cardigan. Doesn’t it look like a completely new outfit? Haha. I would switch off my white cardigan and substitute it, with my yellow cardigan, you get the idea.

In case if anyone is ever in a pinch, and hopefully not because of the same situation I was in, and you just want to pack lightly. Until next time, have a great day!


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