Fun. Fresh. Floral.

Oh, Spring! I have mixed feelings about this season. As the snow melts, an array of plants, and flowers bloom. Glad it is warmer, but at the same time, bugs are coming out of hibernation, eck! Floral is one of my favorite prints, along with polka-dots. When ever I go shopping, I’m automatically drawn to anything with floral print on it. It has become second nature. I have a few outfits prepared for you to be the springiest Spring person. 🙂

Outfit #1 


This first outfit, is a black midi skirt and a floral dress. Simple, elegant, and I’d wear it with some nude flats, or a bright red or pink high heel.  Finish with a nice cat eyeliner, and red lip.

Outfit #2


You guys may have seen this shirt used in a previous post, but it’s just so darn cute, and it’s floral. It is a sheer top, so I would wear a blank tank under this. I am reusing the same black midi skirt, and dressed it up a bit with a gold statement necklace, and a red cross body, to add more color.

Outfit #3


If you are not in the mood to wear a skirt, maybe some high-waisted shorts, using the same sheer floral top. Adding to this outfit, a white cardigan, in case it’s cold outside. I’d wear this outfit with some black tights, and some ankle boots, or high top sneakers.

Outfit #4


Polka-dots and florals, my favorite! I didn’t think the idea of mixing prints together was stylish, but thanks to Pintrest, people have made it look amazing. But we are amazing, no matter what we wear. Accessorized with the same cross body in which, can be used as a clutch, and a faux pearl necklace. Definitely a favorite outfit!

Outfit #5


Second to last outfit, a floral long sleeve top with the black midi skirt.

Outfit #6


Last Spring outfit, is a floral midi skirt, and a dark blue shirt tunic dress. That sounded like a mouthful, haha. Accessorize however you choose, and just go out there and seize the day, every day. Make the streets, and hallways, your own cat walk. Stay beautiful! Until my next post. =)


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