Checkered Skirt, 4 ways

Getting back on track with my versatile outfits! Sometimes, I get so many ideas and I just want to post them all at once. I have to take it slow, collect my thoughts, otherwise I won’t have anything to post. This weather is up and down, you just never know anymore, even though we are supposed to be in Spring weather. My friends and family back home just experienced some snow! As I am preparing outfits for this post, I am keeping in mind, what I need to pack when I take a trip back to Boston in two weeks. As of right now, the weather in Boston is in the 40s to high 50s. The outfits I’ve devised, had some influence from the Boston weather I will experiencing soon, and for my skirt loving friends out there. I hope you enjoy this post! 🙂

Outfit #1


First outfit option, I used a dress from F21 or what they call it, a body con dress, and used it as a top. No one would ever know, unless they ask. 😉 Finish this look with a gold statement necklace.

Outfit #2


This second outfit option, I was hesitant at first to pair this. Thanks to Pintrest and the beautiful models that styled their mixed prints; I actually wore this to work, and received a compliment. Winning!  I used to think that clothing items with prints on it, had to be paired specifically with a solid piece, but it’s time to step out of that mindset, and just rock what we feel looks good.

Outfit #3


This outfit inspired my trip that I will be taking soon back home. Layering this outfit with my favorite yellow cardigan from F21, along with another fav item, this blue, long sleeve button up. I also decided to pair this with two different styles of necklaces, and it looked darn cute!

Outfit #4


This last outfit option, is a dark blue 3/4 sleeve shirt, that sits right on the waist line of the skirt, no need to tuck in. Got a little blue on blue going on here. I thought the dark contrast from the shirt, paired well with the skirt. What a way to dress it up, by adding some faux pearls.

I hope you enjoyed this post, have a fabulous day, until next time! 😉


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