Wedding Edition Pt. 2: 1 crop top, 3 outfits

Wedding season! As usual, it’s a great time to relax, eat good food, and dress up. Instead of alternative outfits, as I did with my first wedding edition post; I’m going to post three wedding outfits, with just a simple black crop top. Sometimes, when we scramble and think we have nothing to wear, just breathe and go back to the basics. In my opinion, keeping it basic and then throwing on the accessories after, is what makes it fun. Keeping it budget friendly, while you use the extra money you saved, from not having to go buy a new outfit, and go to the open bar and get as many drinks in you before you hit the dance floor. I am kidding of course, don’t do that, you want to remember the night, and how you looked fabulous.

I have also noticed, that people have been hash tagging these layouts as “flat layouts,” which makes sense, and aside from the hash tags, people have also incorporated other items into these layouts, such as; perfumes, lipsticks, a hat (as an example). That is just brilliant idea, and it makes THE complete outfit. Let’s get to it!

Outfit #1


I received this geo print (I believe that’s what it is called) skirt as a gift, and to be honest, I have yet to wear it. One reason being, I didn’t think I looked good in geo print, but after creating this blog, I vowed to find a reason to wear it and rock it, and here it is. Paired this with my favorite and only clutch from Ted Baker, if not a cross-body bag in place of it. I finished this look with a favorite fragrance of mine, by Juicy Couture, called “Viva la Juicy;” a faux pearl necklace, keeping it simple, since the skirt already jumps out. To finish it off, a nice red lipstick from Sonia Kashuk, in 93 “Classic Red.” A red lip looks good with anything, and to complete this look, since I am not a heels kind of girl, I’d stick with nude flats, on all three outfits.

Outfit #2


A second outfit option, is with this maroon pencil skirt, and the only changes here is the fragrance, lip colors, and accessory. The fragrance is by Marc Jacobs, “Daisy Dream,” and the lip colors from Sonia Kashuk are, 21 “Fig,” and a light pink in which I don’t have a name, I tore it off, sorry guys.

Outfit #3


Last outfit, excuse the poor lighting, the sun was not cooperating with me. I changed up the skirt, and if you have been following this blog, I have used this skirt before in my early posts, such as the Valentine’s Day post. It’s a cute skirt, and would go perfect with this crop top. Simple colors, yet, it looks cute once you accessorize. I gave two options with the necklaces, and a red lipstick from Clinque, 07 “Passion Pop.” Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time.


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