Green skirt, 5 ways

I’ve showcased this green skirt before in my, “I Have Nothing to Wear,” post, and it was more for dressing up during cold weather. Now, summer is not too far away, and it’s time to set aside the sweaters and jackets. If you’re reading this and you are currently in opposite of warm weather, I apologize. This post actually gave me an idea for my next post, be on the lookout. With that said, let’s get started!

Outfit #1


A sheer ruffled shirt, with a jean vest, and finishing it with a simple owl necklace. Perfume of choice, I went with Marc Jacobs, Daisy. It’s a light floral smell, and it smells goooood, haha. I have two of these, and the second bottle is almost gone! I am so sad, I only found this at a good price at Tjmaxx, and you know the store never gets the same thing all the time. It’s too cute to throw away. To finish the outfit, I’d wear sneakers, flats, or ankle boots, whichever is more comfortable for you. At the end of the day, it’s all about comfort, and not swollen feet.

Outfit #2


V-necks, what I can say, is that they are life savers. Depending on how you wear it, v-necks could be dressed up, that could be another rant for later. If you want to keep it simple, here it is. Add some accessories, and your cutest lip color, and sneakers, and you’re done.

Outfit #3


Here comes that crop top again, it just had to be used. Can’t lie, it’s a cute outfit. A camera for the summer, because that is the only time I find myself traveling, and that is an opportunity to make memories. My Coach cross body, bright colors, perfect for summer. I adore cross-body bags, it’s just so darn convenient and it makes me pack less. Keeping it simple, and pairing it with my favorite necklace.

Outfit #4


Another crop top, but a tad fancier than the first one. I have used this piece in previous posts before. If you want to dress it up, you can, but I’d still wear my sneakers with this outfit, just because that’s just what I like wearing. Even the tiniest heel on a shoe, my feet are dead. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Keeping it simple with a red lipstick, and no accessories, because the shirt already has a lot going on.

Outfit #5


Now this one is not a crop top, or sleeveless. This is also another favorite piece of clothing, that I do wear quite a bit. This is for the mild weather, this long sleeve would be perfect. I kept this outfit even simpler, no accessories, besides s watch. I hope you enjoyed this post, and that if you have similar items, this gave you some outfit ideas. Until my next post.


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